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How Real Estate Agents Can Improve Direct Mail Marketing Results


Direct mail marketing is one of the more popular marketing avenues that real estate agents pursue, and there is good reason for this. Direct mail puts a tangible option in the hands of potential property buyers and sellers, encouraging them to take a look at your marketing message. It also gives them something to hold onto for future use if needed. However, this method of real estate agent marketing is not always as effective as it could be for some. If you are looking for ways to improve upon your results from REALTOR marketing, take note of these helpful and proven tips.

mail-blue-square Improve Your Mailing List

The results of your direct mail marketing campaign are only as good as your mailing list. Many real estate agents have purchased a mailing list from a third party provider, and others have scoured property tax records to create their own mailing list of local property owners. These are some of the options available for obtaining names and mailing addresses for those in the area, but another great idea is to use your website. Through your website, you can create an opt-in feature that allows interested parties to opt into receiving your marketing materials. Without an opt-in feature, you are reaching out to potentially cold leads. With an opt-in feature, however, you are reaching out to leads that have shown interest in your services. This can improve the results of your marketing campaigns, and it is a very affordable option to pursue.

mail-blue-square Create a Marketing Plan

The next step to take when improving the results of REALTOR marketing efforts is to create a firm and well-researched marketing plan. Some real estate agents will simply work on a direct mail marketing campaign when business gets slow, but you may generate more interest when you strategically space out your mailers so that contacts are touched on a regular basis. This is because it keeps your name at the front of their minds and helps them to remember who you are and the services you offer. Your marketing plan may include ideas for generating more opt-in leads as well as the content and frequency of marketing campaigns.

Direct mail has proven itself to be a great marketing avenue for real estate agents, and most agents will see some results off of any direct mail campaign they complete. However, when you want to experience the best results possible from your efforts, take time to put these tips into action.

Worried About Online Business Banking Risks? How To Go Back to Paper Cheques

With all the phishing and hacking attacks on businesses today, sometimes it’s best to keep as much of your banking data off the Internet and your servers, and to use the old fashioned way of banking instead. When you choose to use paper cheques to pay your bills and for business transactions, there are not worries that someone will steel your digital information online. Here are a few of reasons why paper cheques instead of debit or credit cards are sometimes best.

money-bag-red-square Have a Paper Trail

When you write business cheques for transactions you have a paper trail to prove what payments you made. Not only will the cashed cheque be shown in your banking statements, with the amount and what you wrote the memo to read as a reminder, but the person or company that cashed the cheque will also have it in their statements.

It’s nice to have this trail, instead of automatic electronic transactions that don’t always show the exact time and date that the transaction took place because of electronic delays. Also, it will be easy to verify handwriting on cheques. More information about business cheques can be found at D+H, providing you with additional resources and references.

money-bag-red-square Avoid Providing Too Much Information

When people have your debit or credit card information, they can accidentally process multiple payments at once, or just do a double payment. This takes money out of your account, you may not notice it right away, and then you’re forced to try to get the money back. People can’t double cash a cheque, so you don’t have to worry about some company having your automatic information on file when you still use paper cheques.

money-bag-red-square Avoid Over Spending

When you frequently use a company debit or credit card it’s easy to overspend. When you have to write out a cheque for everything that needs purchased, and you have to get it from the office or a secretary, you will second guess how much you’re spending and what you’re spending the money on.

If you are looking for a reliable way to pay bills and to manage your business money and you feel like using a debit card or credit card has gotten too risky, it’s time to start using business cheques for all your transactions. You won’t have to worry about the checks getting stolen because you can easily call the bank and have all the cheques cancelled, and no one will ever be able to use the cheques in the future.