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3 Steps for a Fast and Easy Mortgage Process

If the thought of applying for mortgages strikes you with dread, you are not alone. Many people who have never applied for mortgages in the past may be intimidated by the process. Even those who have experience in this area from past transactions may be anxious about learning about their final loan approval status. While there is no guarantee that you will be approved for the home loan that you have applied for, you can decrease your stress level and improve your chances for loan approval by following a few helpful tips.

Be Honest With Your Lender Up-Front
Many home loan applicants are fearful that some situations in their financial profile may make them less likely to get approved for a loan. For example, you may have recently changed jobs, or you may have a late payment on a credit card account in your recent past. Some may even attempt to hide debts and financial obligations. There are a wide range of loan programs available, and some loan programs may be more lenient in certain areas than others. Your loan officer can steer you toward the best program for your situation if you present all of the facts to him or her up-front. Keep in mind that the lender will ask for a great deal of documentation during the loan process, so these and other factors will almost certainly become known to the lender at some point.

Avoid Maxing Out Your Loan Amount
When you initially apply for a home loan, you will receive a pre-qualification letter that shows the maximum loan amount you may qualify for. While you may be inclined to purchase the nicest home that you can qualify for, it is important to avoid maxing out your loan amount. This can make it much more difficult to underwrite and approve the loan in some cases, and it also may eat up your down payment funds. Keep in mind that you need to keep some funds in reserve to pay for the property inspection, appraisal and more. You also need money to buy new furnishings, make repairs to the house and more after closing. The WFCU Credit Union website has more online resources available.

Do Not Change Your Credit Profile
One of the most important tips to follow when applying for mortgages is to avoid changing your credit profile. This includes maxing out existing credit cards and applying for new credit. Both can change the underwriting of your loan and may create delays in the loan process. This can also decrease the loan amount you qualify for and may require you to bring more money to the closing table as a down payment.

While applying for mortgages may still be stressful, these tips can help you to reduce your stress level. Furthermore, they can prevent delays and help you to get approved for the loan that you were pre-qualified for.

How to Protect the Walls in Your Restaurant

In your restaurant setting, you probably have a whole lot of people coming in contact with your walls. Between all of the heavy traffic that can come in contact with your walls and all of the cleaning that you and your employees have to do, you probably worry about damage to your walls costing you money. Luckily, implementing stainless steel corner guards and a few other things can help you focus on protecting walls and preventing unnecessary future renovations (and costs) in your commercial business.

food-plate-black-square Use Stainless Steel Corner Guards

As mentioned above, stainless steel corner guards can be very handy in any restaurant setting. It can be easy for you or your restaurant employees to bump corners when pushing dish carts or anything else in and out of the kitchen and elsewhere in the restaurant, which can lead to scuffs and other damage over time. Installing corner guards is a good way to help keep your corners in good shape.

food-plate-black-square Install Hard Plastic Wall Protectors

Have you ever thought about installing hard plastic wall protectors on the walls in heavy traffic areas in your restaurant? You can purchase them in various sizes and thicknesses, but even the thinnest ones can be a good option for providing protection.

In fact, hard plastic wall protectors can work well in all areas of your restaurant. If you install them in the dining area, you can help protect the walls from fingerprints from children (and adults) who might have food or grease on their hands. They can also be used to protect the walls from chairs being slammed against them and causing holes.

In the kitchen area, hard plastic wall protectors are great for protecting the walls from grease splatter, spills, bumps from carts or trays and more. It can also make the walls a whole lot easier to clean.

food-plate-black-square Choose the Right Paint

For painted wall areas in your restaurant, you’ll need to choose the heaviest duty paint that you can find. The paint should be designed for commercial applications, should be stain resistant and should be durable enough that it can be wiped down with bleach and commercial cleaners on a daily basis without wearing out quickly. Working with a good commercial painting crew that has experience in painting restaurants is a good way to choose the right paint and make sure that it is applied correctly.

As you can see, there are steps that you can take to protect the walls in your restaurant. If you are worried about your restaurant walls wearing out and showing signs of wear and tear, taking some or all of these steps can make a big difference and can save you a whole lot of time and trouble in the future. If you need any more information, Boss Corner Guards may be able to provide you with further insights and resources.