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3 Essential Features of Field Services Management Software

Managing field operators has been a major challenge for supervisors and the field managers in most companies. Developments in technology have made it easy for the businesses that rely on fieldwork to monitor their employees and their progress in the field. The field service management software is a cloud-based system that allows companies to streamline and automate their field processes and track the performance of the service technicians from the office. The software has helped in the maintenance of high workflows, real-time communication with the employees, and provision of onsite product information.


Benefits of FSM Software


It is easier to integrate most of the software with the smart phone or PC meaning that the field workers can use it from any location. The mobility factor has helped improve the communication and effectiveness of the employees as well as the customer service. Use of FSM software has also aided in the proper organization of data and management of out-of-control costs. It also reduces the time used in the collection of data while the accuracy in the invoice processing and performing other activities remains high.


Essential Features


Field service management software has a broad range of features, which vary from the core to advanced features. Most of them have the core features while you will have to pay more for the advanced features. Below are some of the major features you will find in most FSM software:


1. Tracking and routing


The feature is essential in delivery companies that need to monitor the transfer of goods from one point to another. This has helped in the improvement of customer service since they can give accurate delivery times.


2. Scheduling and dispatching


Field service scheduling is an important function of the field managers and supervisors. The ability to monitor the progress of workers helps determine their time of completion. It also prevents sending two different teams in one location. The software also allows the technicians to set up preventative maintenance reminders on the guaranteed recurring jobs.


3. Work order management


Field Service Management software allows supervisors to send digital forms containing information about their current job or their next one. Managing the work orders for thousands of customers and employees by hand may be impractical hence the need for the software.




FSM software plays so many roles in the management and operations of the service technician. Their uses have increased productivity and raised bottom line of most companies in the country. The features vary across different FSM software, so you should know the ones that you want before purchase.

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