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Look Younger with IPL Technology

Are you looking for a treatment that is non-evasive that will improve the surface of your skin? Do you wish to reverse the effects of aging and make your skin feel younger and more refreshed? There is hope for those who wish to experience all the benefits of a new and effective skin treatment. Get ready for a new skin resurfacing procedure called Intense Pulse Light Technology.

Intense Pulse Light Technology (IPL) has been effectively used for the reversal of skin aging or photorejuvenation for many years. The procedure involves a non-laser filtered lamp that flashes light directly into the skin from a glass tip. In comparison to a laser that emits wavelengths of light, the intense pulse light system delivers a broader spectrum of light that is directed to the skin. The light energy is absorbed into the skin and is converted into heat that treats the targeted areas. Several wavelengths are emitted in a short period of time. It allows a wide variety of skin issues to be treated during a single treatment. In some cases, a topical anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. After the procedure, a cooling gel is applied to ease any pain or discomfort. The treatments are effective and quick with minimal down time. The process resurfaces the skin allowing the skin to go back to its former smoother texture.

A great benefit of this treatment is that it is a non-invasive pain free procedure that you can have done in a very short period of time and continue on with your daily routine right after the procedure. There will be no redness, rawness or swelling following the treatments. In fact, patients can have this treatment done in less than 30 minutes and return to work without any discomfort. Unlike procedures with similar results such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, Intense Pulse Light Technology is quickly becoming a popular procedure that patients turn to for solutions to their skin issues because the results are discreet and undetectable.

Multiple skin conditions and imperfections can be effectively treated with one IPL treatment. There will be no need to pay for several different treatments for different conditions. Other treatments similar to IPL can be very expensive and budget restrictions may prevent a patient from having a procedure they really need. The treatment combats many issues at once with much greater results and a shorter time period.

Another great benefit is that no one will know that you are having any treatments performed. The treatments are spaced out weeks apart and the skin will begin to gradually look better. Unlike plastic surgery, your skin will not appear like you are going through any treatments. No one will know unless you tell them. Large areas can be treated at the same time because the pulse of light covers larger areas of the skin instead of just one small area.

Intense Pulse Light Technology is a very effective form of treatment for all types of skin. Consult your healthcare professional to be evaluated as to the treatments that will work best for you. It is never too late to have softer, smoother more youthful looking and feeling skin.

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