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Smart Ways to Search for Real Estate Properties

Gaining access to a real estate database and a propery search within it is easy with the variety of technological devices that are in common use today. Technology includes a wide selection of handheld and desktop devices that allow anyone to easily access the Internet. Computers, smartphones and tablets provide instant connection to databases that contain maps in various views as well as other important information.

Making a trip to a property appraiser’s office to conduct research on properties that are for sale is no longer necessary. In fact, it is a waste of time. Driving to a government office that is usually located in a city and finding a parking place are inconveniences that are easily avoided.

Using Public Records
Detailed data is compiled and updated regularly by local taxing authorities, and it provides everything that a potential buyer or seller needs to know. Facts that are usually the most influential in a purchase or sale relate to sales price, attributes of a property such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, features and street address. Public records are maintained regularly, and they are available for use at no charge.

Making Use of Helpful Devices
Mobile technology that is helpful for potential property owners allows immediate access to details and images of a parcel or home without the assistance of a real estate agent. Property assessments and propery searches are easy to obtain at online subscription sites like GeoWarehouse. Valuable information that can provide the basis for buying a property is provided confidentially. A property appraiser’s appearance at a home gives a clear signal to curious neighbors that someone is considering selling or moving to another neighborhood.

Doing Personal Research
Real estate agents provide a necessary service after a potential buyer conducts basic research on properties. Initiating the process of viewing houses in the company of an agent without doing preliminary research often results in confusion and frustration. Many decisions face home buyers that require time to consider them. Technology that allows buyers to examine real estate databases online is readily available. An online property search typically includes these facts among many others:

• type of construction and date built
• roof covering
• architectural style
• number of bedrooms and bathrooms
• neighborhood or subdivision
• legal description
• market value
• taxes
• property lines

Information about the sales history of a property as well as for comparable properties gives potential buyers a valid basis for making decisions about buying or selling real estate.

Acceptance of Technology
The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism recently reported that more than 75 percent of adult Americans own a laptop or a desktop computer, and about 44 percent use a smartphone. The use of tablets is increasing rapidly, and the total number of technological devices that can access the Internet reflects the willingness of the public to adapt to change. Having access to real estate databases is a motivating force for people to use technology for a propery search as often as needed.

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