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The 6 Structures of an Inbound Call Centre

The common roles within inbound call centres include the Centre Manager, Team Leader, and Agents. Other roles that play a vital role include Trainers, Human Resource (HR), and Operational Management. The number of team leaders is determined by the size of the call centre.

1. Agents

The role of a call centre agent is to make or take calls on behalf of the organization. Their duties can be to undertake customer research, conduct a debt management function, or answering service on behalf of the company. In a call centre, where other means of engagement such as email and social media are used, an agent may have to respond to email inquiries and posts.

2. Team Leader

Team Leaders are responsible for supervising a team of agents. Their role is to ensure every agent meets the target by reviewing their performance regularly. Team leaders often meet with their managers to review performance. They update agents on the work progress and what needs to be improved. Team leaders may also take part in recruiting new agents and performing specific projects for the contact centre.

3. Call Center Manager

They are in charge of the overall performance and budgeting for the contact centre. Managers make decisions regarding the technology, personnel, processes, and customers of a contact centre. They also determine the future strategy of the call centre. If it’s a sales call centre, the manager liaises with the Marketing and Sales department to make decisions. Depending on the size of the contact centre, there may be several assistant managers and team leaders reporting to the manager. Centre managers are responsible for recruiting, development, and training those that directly report to them.

4.Operational Manager

They are responsible for resource planning and forecasting. They liaise with centre managers and team leaders to strategize and assess the performance.

5. Human Resource (HR)

The HR department is responsible for recruiting and training employees. Depending on the size, not all call centres have HR resources. The role of the HR department is to ensure all terms and conditions of job descriptions are adhered to. They may also organize recruitment and training of new employees. The HR department also helps address the personal and professional issues affecting a call centre.


Trainers are in charge of delivering continuous training to the agents in the contact centre. They are an important component in a call centre because of the high volume of induction and continuous learning required. In large call centres, trainers provide technical knowledge and additional support to the agents. A trainer can be someone who has been an agent and is skilled in conveying information and helping improve performance.

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